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New Holland TM175 Tractor

The New Holland TM175 is a 4x4 row-crop tractor from TM series. The model was manufactured between 2002 and 2007. The components of NH TM175 powerline system: New Holland six-cylinder turbo diesel engine and a 19x6 (28x12 with creeper) power command economy full powershift transmission.

A 457 cubic inches engine has a power rating of 212 hp (156 kW), and max. torque of 790 Nm (585 lb-ft) at 1400 rev/min. A standard speed range is 1.19-30.9 mph (1.9-49.5 kph) and speed range with creeper is 0.18-25.2 mph (0.29-40 kph).

The closed center load sensing hydraulic system used a piston pump with flow of 120 l/min (32 g/min). The hydraulic system pressure is 210 bar (3045 psi). The New Holland TM175 tractor is equipped with 14.9R28 front tyres and 18.4R38 rear tyres. The wheel base is 114.2" (2878 mm) for models with a terraglide front axle and 118.1" (2975 mm) for models with supersteer front axle.

Engine Make New Holland
Engine Type Turbocharged diesel, 6-cyl., liquid-cooled
Displacement, cu in (litres) 457 (7,5)
Cylinders 6
Aspiration Turbocharged with intercooler
Rated engine power, hp (kw) 177 (130)
Rated engine power with engine power management, hp (kw) 212 (156)
Maximum engine power with engine power management, hp (kw) 223 (164)
Rated speed, rpm 2200
Maximum torque, Nm 790
Rated torque speed, rpm 1400
Maximum torque with engine power management, Nm 886
Rated torque speed with engine power management, rpm 1600
Torque rise, % 39
Bore/Stroke, in (mm) 4,40x5,00 (111,8x127,0)
Compression 17.0:1
Air cleaner Dual paper elements with aspirator
Oil filter One full flow cartridge
Fuel filter One paper element
Fuel capacity, gal (litres) 105,2 (398)
Oil capacity, qts (litres) 20,0 (19,0)
Coolant capacity, qts (litres) 27,6 (26,1)
Electrical system 12V
Electrical Ground Negative
Charging system Alternator
Charging Amps 120
Battery Number One
Battery cold-cranking, Amps 1300

Power Take-Off
Rear PTO Standard
Rear PTO speeds, rpm 540/540E/1000
Engine speeds, rpm 1969/1568/2178
PTO clutch type Wet clutch Multiplate
PTO Engagement Electro Hydraulic, proportional control
Front PTO Optional
Front PTO speed, rpm 1000

Standard Transmission
Transmission Type Power Command Economy Full Powershift
Gearbox Type 19F/6R
Forward Gears 19
Reverse Gears 6
Speed Range, kph (mph) 1,94-40,0 (1,21-25,1)

Optional Transmission
Transmission Type Power Command Full PowerShift with auto change
Gearbox Type 19F/6R (28F/12R with creeper)
Forward Gears 19 (28)
Reverse Gears 6 (12)
Speed Range, kph (mph) 1,9-49,5 (1,19-30,9)
Speed Range with Creeper, kph (mph) 0,29-40,0 (0,18-25,2)

Wheels and Tires
Drive Wheels 4 Wheel Drive (4x4)
Steering Hydrostatic
Service brake Differential hydraulic wet disc
Front tires 14.9 R28
Rear tires 18.4 R38
Min. front track width, in (mm) 61,7 (1552)
Min. rear track width, in (mm) 60,7 (1525)
Max. front track width, in (mm) 90,1 (2269)
Max. rear track width, in (mm) 96,7 (2438)

Hydraulic System
Hydraulic system Closed centre load sensing
Main pump flow, l/m (gpm) 120,0 (32,17)
Steering pump flow, l/m (gpm) 65,0 (17,4)
Total oil flow, l/m (gpm) 185,0 (49,6)
Number of control valves (mech/electro) 4/5
Joystick control and mid mount valves where specified 2
Hydraulic pressure, bar (MPa) 210 (21)
Hitch type Rear
Rear hitch category 2/3N
Control Electronic lower-link draft control
Rear linkage capacity at 61cm behind ball ends, lbs (kg) 15810 (7187)
Max lifting capacity at ball ends with arms horizontal, lbs (kg) 19020 (8647)
Front linkage capacity at 61cm in front of ball ends, lbs (kg) 7198 (3270)

Dimensions and Weight
Wheelbase (4WD), in (mm) 111,8 (2818)
Wheelbase (Terraglide front axle), in (mm) 114,2 (2878)
Wheelbase (SuperSteer front axle), in (mm) 118,1 (2975)
Overall length (4WD), in (mm) 235,5 (5935)
Overall length (Terraglide front axle), in (mm) 237,9 (5995)
Overall length (SuperSteer front axle), in (mm) 241,7 (6092)
Maximum height (4WD), in (mm) 127,4 (3210)
Ground clearance, in (mm) 15,9 (400)
Turning Angle (4WD/Terraglide), deg 55
Turning Angle (SuperSteer), deg 65
Total Weight (Cabine 4WD), lbs (kg) 14520 (6600)
Maximum ballasted weight (Cabine 4WD), lbs (kg) 26400 (12000)



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